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Dragon Ball: Weird Secrets About Beerus’ Body


As Universe 7’s God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super, Beerus has the power to rip apart the universe. Here’s what other secrets his body hides.

Dragon Ball Super‘s God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, has been playing a major role in how Dragon Ball‘s universe works since appearing in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Only one of 12 Gods, he watches over Universe 7, home to our favorite Saiyans, and while shown to be lazy and often used for comedic purposes, that doesn’t mean that he should be underestimated. Here are five facts about Beerus’ impressive anatomy you might not be aware of.

Is Lord Beerus a Cat?

Anime Dragon Ball Whis Beerus Bored

Despite being a cat, Beerus has no fur. This is because his design is based on a specific breed of cats. Not only are they hairless, but they also tend to have webbed feet. Personality-wise, Beerus was modeled after creator Akira Toriyama‘s Cornish Rex, but his physical design is based on the similar-looking Sphynx.

The color of his skin also implies that if he did have fur, it would be purple, as Sphynxes’ skin color denotes what color their fur is and what kind of pattern, if any, they have. The Sphynx cat breed also fits into the Egyptian iconography that the Gods of Destruction share.

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Why Does Lord Beerus Look This Way?

Beerus’ design is based on the Egyptian gods Anubis and Sekhmet. Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of healing and would protect the pharaohs and lead them into battle. She has the head of a lioness, which the shape of Beerus’ head resembles. She would also carry out divine punishment, usually in the form of destruction and plagues, much like the God of Destruction in question.

Anubis is the jackal-headed god that watches over the dead and the mummification process. He is normally depicted with sharp features, which Beerus is shown to have in profile. In the Underworld, Anubis would carry out the judgment of a person’s soul using a scale and an ostrich feather. As a God of Destruction, this fits Beerus’ job description to a tee as he judges whether something is a threat to order or not.

What Is Lord Beerus’ Power Level?

goku vs beerus

As a God of Destruction, it makes sense that Beerus is able to destroy things, and the level of destruction he can cause is astronomical. Just by tapping his nail, he’s destroyed half a planet in Dragon Ball Super. His Angel Attendant, Whis, has gone on record saying that if he wanted, Beerus could destroy the entire Solar System without trouble.

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In another instance, Beerus let a single drop of his energy drip onto a planet that was immediately destroyed. Even the Supreme Kais have concurred with Whis’ statement on Beerus’ power. In fact, it is said that just his sneezing would be enough to destroy a planet.

What Is Lord Beerus’ Energy of Destruction?

When Beerus enters his Fury state, he begins radiating an aura of destructive energy. This Energy of Destruction has the power to erase anything from existence. The only things that can destroy it are other godly beings and the Tokitoki bird’s Wings of Nullification. If the user of this power chooses to, they can transfer the energy onto another person as an orb. While Beerus isn’t ever shown transferring this energy, we have seen Sidra transfer his to Top in his fight against Frieza. The Energy of Destruction can also be used defensively by creating a protective barrier.

Is Lord Beerus the Strongest God of Destruction?


Despite how slim and gangly Beerus’ body is, this apparently is a sign that he is more powerful than his twin brother Champa. This fact is confirmed by Vados, who says that it should be obvious by their builds who is stronger. While both brothers are Gods of Destruction, Champa doesn’t have the stamina or resilience that Beerus has, demonstrated during a rock-paper-scissors competition between the two when Champa complains that his hand was beginning to hurt while Beerus was fine.

Still, his slim figure is rather odd given that his appetite rivals that of Goku’s and his penchant for taking years-long naps. While Champa is shown to be even lazier than his brother, Beerus should still show some signs of weight gain. It could be that because of the amount of destructive energy his body produces, he needs large amounts of food and sleep to maintain it, whereas Champa’s body doesn’t need as much because he doesn’t produce as much energy.

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